The Soliloquies of Santiago is a scripted vlog webseries set to premiere Summer 2015, loosely based on Shakespeare’s Othello. Written by RJ Lackie of Inhuman Condition, directed by Juan Arce, and produced by Stéphane Lachance, The Soliloquies of Santiago reimagines Shakespeare’s most cunning villain as a modern-day actor vying for the lead role in, what else, his theatre program’s production of Hamlet.

Elizabeth College senior Jacob Santiago knows that he is destined for stardom. He also knows that graduating without a meaty lead role under his belt could leave him wasting his prime years chasing auditions for student films instead of building the kind of resume he can be proud of.

Unfortunately, the college has hired recent alumni – and budding Hollywood action hero – Morgan Othello to direct the play. And Othello, in turn, has filled the cast with his friends, including handing the role of Hamlet to Desmond Omah, with whom Othello is secretly romantically entangled. In order to remove Omah, Jacob – from his perch as understudy to the lead – aims to oust both Othello and Desmond, in order to secure the role he knows he deserves.

Aided by his friend (with benefits) Rodrigo, Jacob begins to build a labyrinthine plan that will either secure him exactly what he desires, or ruin him – and all those around him, including his devoted sister Emily – in the process.

The Soliloquies of Santiago will launch Summer 2015 with a 20-episode run, then return to the internet Winter 2015.